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Melizah Wholistics is established by Melissa Cisneros and is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and what she dedicates her time to means

"Holistic nutritionists are specialized nutritionists that heal patients using natural foods and products instead of conventional medical treatments. They also seek to remedy the entire or “whole” person (mind, body, and soul) as opposed to curing isolated symptoms."
 Welcome to Melizah Wholistics!
Here at Melizah Wholistics we believe in living a healthier lifestyle including mind, body and soul. We are here to help inspire others to reach their limitless potential and help guide you through this journey that awaits for you. If you are tired of having headaches, constipation, memory loss, low thyroid, mood swings, irregular mensural cycles, or even sexual dysfunction, changing your lifestyle thus especially how we eat can and will change your life. 
Most of us are so consumed with cultural beliefs that it is hard to make distinct changes to our lifestyle by the way we were raised and brought up. Melizah Wholistics is here to help in various areas including cultural beliefs, family engagements, making better restaurant choices when going out with family and so much moor!
Melizah chose to be a Holistic Nutritionist because her main focus is on  over all health and not just food. Melizah became a Holistic Nutritionist because she struggled with acne for a really long time throughout her High School years and also afterwards, which only got worse overtime! As time went on she was led to this path where her WHOLE entire life changed when she met an Herbalist she worked for about 4 years, and taking herbs changed her life dramatically as well as dramatically changing her eating habits.
Melissa also took Holistic Nutritionist classes to obtain legal documentation to be able to help others change their lifestyle as well. Melissa found out as she took this path was that she was eating TERRIBLY and CARELESSLY not acknowledging what she was doing to her body not just physically but also mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. Melissa was tired of feeling constipated, fatigue, always tired, memory loss, low thyroid (most of us have) & so much more!
Another huge reason why Melissa took this path is because she is honoring her ancestors by bringing back information that has been forbidden or not taught in schools anymoor or in general Wholistic Health is not common especially to the youth. Here at Melizah Wholistics it is also our mission to pass down these teachings or knowledge to future generations to prevent diseases, sickness or illness.
Melissa is able to create meal plans, guide you, coach you and can reccomend herbs, vitamins, and supplements.
Start your journey of healing your inner-self and outer-self today! It is never too late for your health, Melizah Wholistics is Honored to be able to help all the Queens & Kings that need et. 
13Love to All and Thank Yah for visiting Melizah Wholistics!
Here is a video and pictures of Melizah when she started to film her journey as she continues and remains to make better choices for her optimal health for us. Here is how Melizah's face looked before she started making healthier choices:
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